Reinventing the Houston hookah scene with vapor

At Hookah Lounge of Houston we are utilizing high quality herbal extracts  bringing you the best tasting, and healthiest hookah on the market!

We have relaxation and respiratory blends formulated for the perfect vape experience.



Local Art

At Potent Smokables we know how hard it can be to find a reliable electronic cigarette. We strive to be different and offer only what we know works. If you have tried all the others, why not try ours? We are confident our electronic cigarette will be the last you try.

In our lounge and throughout our store we feature art done buy various local artists for sale.

We have $10 prints available on select pieces! Even our employees have art up on the walls for sale!

So come down and show your support for your local starving artists!

Presented by:  Potent Smokables
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